Ordering Online



  • We know it's not always possible to travel far from another province to seek your perfect dress.

  • We can still help you get your dream wedding dress.

  • Download the online form, fill it in with your exact measurements, send us the dress code as per our website, and we will send you a quote.

  • For a custom dress just send us a picture of your dream dress,  and we will send you a quote.

  • Upon acceptance of the quote we will require a 70% Deposit before we can continue.

  • Our suppliers will not send the dress to you, as we do not randomly order online, we have specified, vetted and certified suppliers we use, giving you exceptional quality and design.

  • Dresses can take from 4 to 6 weeks to arrive, where we will first inspect it before sending it to you.

  • Rush orders can be accommodated, but please contact me for more information.





Come and let us make your fantasy wedding dress a reality.

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